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Fixed matches first hand soccer betting information. First of all, we are glad to offer the 100% accurate fixed matches. The most accurate fixed soccer betting predictions. As a result of hard working with trustable source, Pro-SoccerTip has achived one deeper level in soccer fixed matches. Since 1999 our company is working with fixed matches from all around the World. All in all our company have fixed matches from worldwide leagues. In brief, joining our service will bring you sure profit. To summarize, all fixed matches are received from professional soccer experts and all of the fixed matches are inside club information. Therefore, profit is guaranteed! Especially relevant fact is the cooperation with strong sources. That makes this company different than the others. Pro-SoccerTip company has a lot of clients just because that. As shown above, since 1999 working with fixed soccer matches brought very big profit. Accordingly join now!

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Another very much important information is the accurate and assurance of the games. In fact, all the fixed matches are 100% sure and reliable! If you want to increase your monthly income, by investing in something which is guaranteed, you are on the right place! All things considered, join now and start earning profit. In the final analyzes that our company made, over 97% of the clients made the first big profit in period of just few days. The key point is following our instructions. To summarize, joining our services brings every customer special bonuses and prizes. Under those curcumstances the profit is much easier. We take care for our customers. To sum up, just follow the instructions which are given by professionals and start winning as a professional. In the first place we always put our clients, and that makes our company different than the others. Hence, join now!


Fixed matches offers. First of all thank you for visiting our website. As shown above here you can find 100% sure fixed matches. In fact the most accurate fixed soccer predictions. As has been noted in the previous text until now we have achived professional level in fixing matches. Accordingly this company can offer professional fixed matches. Arguably you will ask yourself how is that possible. Of course it is possible, because we are having the most strong source. First and foremost Pro-SoccerTip cooperate with several European and Asian countries. All of the information we have, is directly from inside club. It is impossible to loss a match. 

fixed matches
As a result of working with professional source which are 100% reliable, we can offer fixed matches for everyone. At the present time one of the most bought fixed matches is this odd 5.00. It is guaranteed win, with 100% accurate and assurance in it. Generally speaking, following specialist instructions and buying this fixed soccer match can make the customer can win up to 5 times more money. For example, bet 100 EUR and win 500 EUR. 
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Afterward there are more offers. As shown above with the previous offer, you can make profit up to 5 times bigger than your bet. In either case, every customer can make up to 15 times bigger win. For this reason join to the most accurate fixed match ever.

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Furthermore there are other fixed matches too. For this reason we added the fixed match odd 30. Guaranteed win and 100% accurate soccer bettin information. To emphasize that it is inside club information, and profit is guranteed. Interested in buying it too? 
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Fixed matches can bring very big profit to the client. Have you even thought about winning up to 3000 EUR from a single match just by betting it for 200 EUR? Make big profit immediately. Just after the first match finish. First thing to remember is that you have to follow our instructions. Anothe must important oint often overlooked is adding some matches in the same bet slip with our's fixed match. You should never to that, because it might cause serious problem for you. Just thought what would happen if you add one match in the sliip together with our fixed match, and if it fail? You will lose your match, and your money too. STOP GAMBLING, AND START INVESTING SMART. First and foremost rule for joining is that the customer must be 18+.

How to buy fixed matches?
Fixed matches are one of the most wanted soccer tips. Therefore we created a unique system for buying and receiving it. First, you should contact our sales agent and deal about the buying, payment and etc. Second, the payment procedure should be made. Third, receiving the fixed matches. To put it another way, choose the offer, complete the payment, and get the matches. Immediately after the payment is verified by our sales agent, the matches will be send to the customer. Must be remembered that reselling our soccer predictions is forbidden. Under those circumstances if you agree our terms and conditions, contact us and join even in the same day.
How to pay for fixed matches?
At this point there is no much to advice. Pro-SoccerTip accepts several payment methods. Namely, accepted payment methods are Western Union, Moneygram, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill and Bitcoin.

Questions and answers?
In this case please feel free to contact us through the email. Our customer service center will give all the best to reply shortly. Must be remembered that we always give priority to the customers!
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Georgios Papadopoulos, Greece
My name is Nikolae and i’m from Greece. Before finding your website i was betting a lot on hockey and i always wondered if someone could help me win on soccer too. I’m glad I have find this source and the extraordinary team that makes everything so easy for me.

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Francesco Schiavone, Italy
I never thought possible that was someone that can win so much money from betting. If i already won €3000, i am curious how much money you are winning with these tips. Hmm… you must be very happy. Cheers!

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Jose Calderon Perez, Spain
I was skeptical in the beginning but after 2 months of using this service and the tips, i’ve made 9 times my initial investment. Over €1800 i’ve won. Thank you !

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Ionae Stancu, Romania 
I am only 19 years, i know you told me not to bet because i have a small bank, but i didn’t listen your advice and i’m so happy because I have won so much that i afforded to buy my dream motorcycle. Thank you so much for making my dream come true.

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Mati Koponnen, Finland
I am €3,689 profit in 17 days. My single mistake was not betting on the 4,6 odd. Now i would been having more E4000 profit if i wouldn’t made this mistake. Congratulation guys and continue your work!


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